Blairnairn is a well proportioned handsome property situated just outside the Kilmacolm conservation area.  The house features a c. 1930's timber garage/shed, which is partially screened from the house, driveway and principal elevation by way of a stone screening wall.  It is thought that this wall allowed for vehicles to be worked on out of site of the main house.
An existing timber garage is now at the end of its useful life, and in its current state it is unlikely to remain standing for much longer.  It is therefore anticipated to replace this structure with a new garage, along with a garden room to look out over the landscape and enjoy the surrounds.
The new structure will be utilitarian in form and material palette.  Loadbearing brick is chosen as the principal material, and will provide an enduring and fitting skin in the context of the house and grounds.
A diagonal cut to the rear gable allows the introduction of south sunlight into the garden room and to define the patio area.  Western light is introduced to garden room and garage by way of rooflights.
We believe that this building, executed with exquisite simple detailing will be a fitting replacement to the existing coach house as well as an attractive addition to Blairnairn that will enhance its appeal over time.