To aide and increase connectivity to the existing house external spaces it is proposed to build a small garden room in the upper garden at the edge of the slope of the hill.  The design of this building has been with the highest standards in mind.  We propose to use solid masonry for the walls as load bearing elements and for earth retaining.  From this, we propose timber stanchions which rise up, harmonising with the trees, from which a great timber roof is sprung.  Glass is structured between both which encloses the volume, but it is still visually open to the forest and back to the garden. 
A large chimney gives rigidity to the structure and forms a fireplace, as well as a sun-dial, where light entering from later in the day tumbles down from a clerestory window, illuminating a spot where the fire will be eventually lit.   

We have consciously chosen high quality materials to suit an innovative design intent.  One that will enhance the garden setting, and sit next to the trees and lawn harmoniously.  
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