Husinish is a remarkable place on the Isle of Harris, and although it is very difficult to get to, the place rewards in abundance.  It is the last out-post before the Isle of Scarp, the place of incredible history, where once rockets were fired to send post from island to mainland.
The hamlet features a row of department of agriculture dwellings perched above the beach.  Each of these follow the same pattern, yet over time subsequent owners have amended their buildings, though the root can be clearly seen.​​​​​​​
Our design for accommodation pods within this incredible landscape takes its cue from this strategy.  We will propose a framework from which each pod will be structured, and upon which each will deviate from.

The buildings are faceted as if moulded and hardened by the harsh Hebridean climate.  We will clad these buildings in metal sheeting, which is prevalent in a tree-less environment, and of a patina that is found in the landscape, brought in with the flotsam and jetsam.  Much like a built library of found materials.
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