This site identified has latent potential to create a seminal sensory experience.  Perched above Corgarff Castle, we find an aspect down the glen towards Ben Avon.  This expanse of landscape is one which should be amplified to create a unique encounter with this location.
Na Criochan creates a sensory threshold to the landscape.  Approached by road, these timber stakes arranged in clusters in the landscape will seem abstract, mysterious and curious.  Upon walking towards and through the timber stakes, the onomatopoeia and impressions of the surroundings will distort and skew as you move through the threshold.
The timber being scorched has resonance to the burning of Corgarff Castle, and the muir burning which gives this land a distinct character.  However its principal role will enhance the longevity and be a stark contrast to a snow covered topography.  The proposal will be low maintenance, easy to construct and be cost effective.
The immediate area is proposed to be sculpted to create a 'disturbance' to continually flex the appearances, sight and desire lines and the placement of the palisades across the terrain.