Lingerbay is a hamlet located in the South of Harris, and is the first village one comes across on travelling on the Golden Road northwards. Lingerbay is comprised of a small scattering of crofthouses and crofts generally. Above the village is bound by large hills, one of these features a quarry. Lingerbay is defined by its fringe to the Minch, which feature several ‘bays’ in keeping with other villages along this coast.
We have situated the dwelling house on a level platform between the existing blackhouse ruin and existing gable wall. Further screening from the road is provided by a large rock outcrop.
The site indicated the preferred arrangement.  A level ledge was provided, where we placed a series of masonry walls, much like keel blocks, to accommodate the house above.  The walls are pigmented to harmonise with the surroundings, and the turf roof.  Walls are folded inwards at key openings, giving the perception of mass.

Our proposals relate to rural buildings, between rocks, hovering over the earth.
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